Ritas Drinks is a company that brings the delivery approach to alcoholic beverages. To kick-off Ritas Drinks, I created a microcampaign called “Who is Rita?” This campaign is to further establish the personality of the brand and Rita herself. As a Ritas consumer, one would depend on a Ritas Drink and the end of the day just as one would depend on a friend. But who is Rita exactly? She’s the woman behind the bar and who are we kidding, a real friend. In this campaign, Rita’s Drinks offers one-of-a-kind, interactive bottle caps with playful messages. These bottle caps bring customers one step closer to revealing the personality of the woman behind the brand. In the end of the campaign, ten lucky drinkers will find the winning bottle cap and receive a free party hosted by Rita herself. Just like the tagline says. a little bit of Rita is all you need to win.
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